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Have you heard of Cyst Acne?

Cyst Acne
Cyst Acne

This is one of the most severe types of pimples or we can call these as acne as well. They mostly occur on your face due to bad hygiene. Once the dead skin, bacteria and other substances block the pores Cyst might occur on your face. Therefore, it is very important to make it a habit to maintain good physical health with products. Furthermore, if you are in the stage of getting puberty then cyst acne might occur.

Though this type of pimples occurs mildly and go away soon there is a possibility for them to aggravate. If it is due to puberty, then you might need it to heal naturally. Moreover, by following bad foo habits cyst acne might occur on your face.

This is when you consume fatty food and other fast food items that are bad for your health.

They contain ingredients that are able to trigger acne on your face and other areas of your body.

In the base of the pimples or the follicle sebaceous oil and hair is present. Therefore, once this area of the pores is block then it will cause the risk of getting acne.

Once this process is left untreated then the oil glands and the sebaceous glands will get blocked which will result in acne. Furthermore, if the pimples are left untreated then it will cause to get cyst acne. Cyst acne may also occur when you try to pop the pimple.

Areas where you get Pimples

  • pimples on the chest
  • pimples on scalp
  • pimples on your buttocks
  • pimples on the bikini lines
  • vaginal pimples

Types of Pimples

Types of Pimples
Types of Pimples


This is also quite similar to nodules. This type of pimples are also

full of pus and will result in cause scares.


These occur mainly due to popping pimples. Once the pimple is

pressured from the hand this may cause to push debris deep in to the follicle and result on causing nodules.


These are mostly pink colour bumps that occur on your



This may cause due to the oxidation of melanin and result in small

back spots on our body. This is also knows as closed comedo.


This may occur due to the blocked pores on your face, neck, chest

and back. This is also known as open comedo.


When the pimples aggravate they will be full of pus and those

pimples are known as pustules.

Are you in to Cystic Acne Popping

It is a known fact that once you pop a cystic acne it will go away. But will that actually work? Over a period of time once the acne starts to grow it will aggravate in to a cystic acne by swelling and filling the pore with pus.

Once this start to happen it may cause the pus to ooze out of the pore. Once the cyst acne reaches this level people try to pop it to soon get away with it but things might get worse. Once you apply pressure on a cyst acne the pre will get cleared out of pus but it will also lead to push the cyst further down the follicle rupturing the dermis.

If someone is experiencing a second pimple right after the first one, then that is due to this situation. Therefore, doctors’ advice not to pop any pimple. It will turn reddish colour and t might leave a big scar on your face which might be a permanent one. Therefore, always avoid cyst acne popping and let it heal down naturally.

How to get rid of Cystic Acne?

There are many ways that you can use to get rid of cyst acne. The very first way is to avoid all ways that acne will occur on your face. Therefore, by following good food habits you will be able to reduce the risk of getting acne.

If you always consume a healthy balanced diet it will help you to get rid of acne. Furthermore, the key factor is to always practice good physical cleanliness.

This is a major contribution to get over cyst acne. If you learn to have a bath after coming home from a hectic day at work and also make it a habit to have a body wash or a bath before going to work will helpyou to reduce to risk of getting cyst acne.

But that’s not enough make sure that you wash your face when you have a bath or body wash.

This is how you can remove the dead cells on your face and the bacteria and other substances that contribute to aggravate cyst acne.

Use of Face Scrub and Face Wash for Cyst Acne

If you are already having cyst acne,it’s better to meet your doctor first before you apply any of these products on your face.

Face wash for Cyst Acne

A face wash will help you to wash the Bactrian infections oils and other foreign bodies that are present on your face.

This will minimize the occurrence of acne and protect your face from getting acne. Furthermore, it also can make your skin smooth and make the skin on your face healthy.

Face scrub for Cyst Acne

A face scrub is not good for regular use but dermatologists advice that it would be good if you use a face scrub as a cyst acne treatment at least twice a week.

This will help you to get rid of the dead skin on your face and clear the pores on the face. But it is strictly advised not to use more than twice per week.

Quick tip for Cyst Acne with Toothpaste

Quick tip for Cyst Acne
Quick tip for Cyst Acne
  1. Wash your face with lukewarm water.
  2. Use a soft towel to damp the face.
  3. Take toothpaste to your finger tip and let it dry for around 2 hours.
  4. Rinse your face.

Toothpaste is made up of many natural ingredients. Its advised always to use a herbal toothpaste. Triclosan present in herbal toothpaste contain antibacterial agents. Therefore, while using the antibacterial agents in the toothpaste it will also help to quickly dry off the cyst acne.

The best way to figure out whether you are using a herbal toothpaste is by checking for a small green colour sign at the bottom of your toothpaste tube. As a couple of side effect you might experience a burning sensation but it is perfectly normal and you don’t have to worry about it.

Let’s always make a habit to maintain good personal hygiene and washing our face at least twice a day to avoid Cyst acne on your face.

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