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Frozen Food Options You Might Want To Stock Up On

Frozen Food Options
Frozen Food Options

The cost of frozen food is quite affordable compared to fresh food. Aside from cost, it is also convenient to have certain food items in your cafe or restaurant freezer.  

With the money you save on labour costs, you now have so many options to choose from in terms of upgrading your menu. Here are the most popular options for frozen food items. Read on!

1. Frozen dough

Menu items can be offered more quickly and without the need for any great prior effort, which improves performance and margins for businesses.

Just as greater control of the bread and pastry’s shelf life is possible, so, too, is it possible to adjust the orders and their dispatch, reducing waste. A cafe is not required to make a fantastic selection of items first thing in the morning if it knows that it sells croissants in the mornings and pains au chocolat in the afternoons. 

The same holds true for specific seasons of the year when certain products are more popular. There is a good number of frozen food suppliers like Suprima Bakeries that can help you with a selection of frozen food items for your business.

2. Blueberries

In the height of summer, fresh local blueberries are wonderful. They may be flavourless, tart, or hard the rest of the time. 

The best frozen berries are always sweet and delicious because they are picked at their peak and quickly frozen. It’s also important to keep in mind that fresh blueberries, even good ones, quickly turn mouldy in the refrigerator, which doesn’t happen with frozen blueberries.

According to Men’s Health: “Based on research, seven in 10 households will regularly throw away up to 20 items of fresh or chilled food straight into the bin every month. Frozen food is measured and it’s easy to keep and use. Cook what you need and save the rest.”

3. Cauliflower rice

Using a box grater or food processor, you can make cauliflower rice, also referred to as riced cauliflower, from fresh cauliflower. However, the frozen variety has the exact same flavour as the homemade version and typically has smaller, finer grains, which speeds up cooking. It is also, of course, ready to use with essentially no preparation.

This would be great for your cafe or bakery, convenience and cost wise.

4. Lima beans

Lima beans are either loved or hated by people. If you fall into the first category, you probably already know how hard it is to coax fresh ones out of their dense pods (they’re much harder to coax out than peas, for example).

The good news is that lima beans can be found in the freezer section of every grocery store – some frozen food suppliers also distribute them! They are typically available in at least two sizes, regular and baby, and when cooked, their texture and flavour are nearly identical to those of the fresh variety.

5. Frozen mangoes

One of the sweetest, richest fruits is the mango when it is at its peak of ripeness, but timing is key. Unripe mangoes are fibrous and firm (although they are tasty shredded in Asian salads), but if you leave them out too long, the meat becomes too soft and starts to turn a little gelatinous.

It can be challenging to completely remove the flesh from the tough oval pit, and they are messy to peel. Leave it to the experts! Not to mention- frozen mangoes are really, really delicious!

To end…

Frozen foods provide unmatched value in a number of ways, including money savings, nutrition and quality improvements, time and energy savings, and a fit with how people live and eat today.

These are just some of the options but frozen food suppliers have a wide variety to choose from. You might want to check them out!

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