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Are you Getting Constant Stomach Pains?

Stomach Pains
Stomach Pains

At least once in your life you must have surely experienced a severe stomach ache. Stomach aches are common to every person and it may cause due to many reasons.  Mostly they arise due to cramps in the abdominal area. Any ho they will be short term and they will be go in no time.

However, there are instances where we will get severe stomach aches. and read here the magnetic bracelets for pain. This will be due to many reasons and it is stated as a medical emergency. If the severe stomach ache is long-term, then immediate medical treatment will need in order to figure out the root course for the pain.

If the pain is caused in the upper part of your abdomen it’s better to consult a pain management little rock doctor to rule out chest-related pains and symptoms. If it is due to heart-related problems, then again immediate medical attention will be needed in order to minimize the risk of sudden strokes.

Abdominal Cramps

Abdominal cramps are caused when air gets trapped inside your body. This is a very common illness but it would be quite embarrassing as well. If the pain is severe then you can get buscopan and mebeverine in order to minimize the pain. Buts it’s better to consult your doctor before getting these medications to avoid other complications.

Diarrhoea and Stomach Pain

Due to the bacterial infection know as gastroenteritis you might be at risk of getting sudden stomach pains with diarrhoea. This is mostly due to the food that we consume daily. If we are in a rat race and we are used to eating junk food, then we will be at high risk of getting stomach pain due to gastroenteritis. If you experience it repeatedly then it will be also be due to a condition know as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Severe Stomach Pain

There will be a series of medical complications that will cause severe stomach pain. A list of possible symptoms is given below.

Kidney Stones

this is a pain full stomach ache that anyone could get. IF you don’t drink enough water this ill cause for the rise of kidney stones. Once they are created the smaller particles will pass with the urine but the bigger stones will completely block the valves. This will result in severe stomach pains.


Once the appendix which is connected with the large intestine gets filled it will cause severe pain in the lower abdomen. Immediate medical attention is needed in order to get rid of the appendix which is the only solution to cure appendicitis.


Sudden pain with the inflammations around the bowl will cause these types of pain. In some cases, it will require medical attention even to treat with antibiotics.

Chronical Stomach Pain

Periods: This is a common type of pain experienced by every girl. This will occur once a month as a part of the menstruation cycle of women. The pain will ease away within a week and if it continues for more than a week then immediate medical attention will be needed.

Infection in urinary track is another type of severe chronical stomach pain. In this case when you are passing out urine you might experience sever burning sensation.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

This will occur due to diarrhea, constipation, and cramps. Furthermore, this might also occur before you pass out the stools.

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More over there might be many chronical diseases that cause sever and long term stomach pain. In case of such an incident you will have to meet your family physician. The doctor will listen to your symptoms and carry out the necessary tests to figure out the root cause of the stomach pains.

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