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Hair Gel: Is it Bad to Use Every Day?

Is it bad to use hair gel every day
Is it bad to use hair gel every day

Is use of hair gel good? Well, it’s no doubt that using hair gel is one of the oldest hair grooming methods up to date. But are you aware of the side effects of using hair gel? Yes, there are plenty of side effects of using hair gel.

Hair gels are artificially made products, therefore using such products will cause many side effects to your hair as well as to your body.

It will not be an issue of you use hair gel once in a while for a special occasion. But the constant usage of hair gel will damage your hair.

What are the Bad Effects if you are a Constant user of Hair Gel?

  • In the long run hair gel will lead lose all hair on your head which will lead to baldness. This will cause when you use hair gel over a period of time and it will lead to clog the pores on your scalp.
  • Artificial hair gel is made up by mixing a series of chemicals and alcohol therefore, it will not be favorable for your body if you are a constant user of hair gel.
  • If you have thin hair, then the excessive usage of hair gel will be bad for your hair which will again cause permanent baldness.
  • It may also keep on flaking your scalp therefore even though you don’t have dandruff hair gel will cause flaking of the scalp to look like dandruff.
  • Polyvinylpyrrolidone found in hair gel is harmful for the body.
  • Harmful chemicals present in hair gel will lead to discoloration and fading of hair.
  • If the hair gets discolored, then it will lead to grey hair with time.

In the latest so cold best hair gel for men it is said that there are many vitamins and other minerals which support the growth of hair and keep your hair healthy but constant use of hair gel will not be favorable for your body.

Even you are a frequent user of hair gel let’s have a look how we can use it in a proper way without damaging your hair. Before learning how to use hair gel the safe way the question is are you applying hair gel the proper way.

How to Use Hair Gel?

  1. It’s important to first wash your hair by using shampoo or another type of shower gel.  Once you wash your hair and wipe your hair until damp. Don’t fully dry the hair then your hair will be crunchy once you apply the hair gel and will split the hair.
  2. Choosing the correct hair gel will be the next challenge that everyone will be facing. Therefore, its advice to use DIY hair gel which is a good homemade solution for your hair that contains natural ingredients. If you are planning to by a hair gel, then you will have to look at the nutrient present in them in order to use it. But in many cases almost every hair gel will give equal result and selecting an artificial hair gel will be quite hard.
  3. Next scoop out the hair gel evenly on your fingertips and rub your hands to spread the hair gel evenly. Next apply it on your hair evenly. Try your best to avoid using excessive hair gel in order to get that crunchiness in the hair and to avoid drying the dampness in your hair.
  4. At the end of the day its better you wash off the hair gel to avoid causing damage to your hair.

Types of Best Hair Gel

  • When we look at the artificial hair gel the best hair gel products are made by axe. This is one of the best brands that give a priority for your health first. Therefore, using axe hair gel is quite favorable if you are interested in artificial hair gel products.
  • American crew hair gel is another renowned brand that is quite famous in USA. It is said that there are many vitamins and other nutrients present in crew hair gel that will be favorable for the hair.

Also give below are a list of best gel for curly hair

  • Ouai Curl Jelly
  • Vernon Francois Styling Cream
  • DevaCurl Buildup Buster Micellar Water Cleansing Serum
  • Curly Sexy Hair Curl Bounce Mousse
  • Ouidad Mongongo Oil Multi-Use Curl Treatment
  • Cantu Dry Co-Wash

Apart from using these artificial products its best to use homemade hair gel. The use of natural hair gel will help you to improve the health of your hair.

There are many natural hair gels that you can easily make at home.

01. Gelatin Hair Mask

This is one of the best natural hair gel that you can make at home. Keratin proteins are present in gelatin therefore it does the job of any other artificial hair gel as well as it makes your hair much heathier.

It also has properties which can increase the strength of your hair.

Things needed:

  • 1/2 teaspoon gelatin
  • 1/2 cup of warm water
  • 24 drops essential oil

How to make Gelatin Hair Mask?

Add ½ teaspoon of gelatin to very warm water and add up to 24 drops of essential oil to the mixture and refrigerate it up to ten days.

02. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is the best homemade hair gel that you can easily find from your garden.  It has a series of agents that can improve the health of your hair.

Once you take a piece of Aloe Vera just break it in to 2 and scoop out the gel n it and apply it over your hair.

No preparation is needed for this therefore just plucking and applying on your hair will give you the best results as DIY hair gel. If necessary, you can add any essential oil to it and mix with the gel of Aloe Vera.

03. Flax Seed Hair Gel

Things Needed:

  • 3/4 cup distilled water
  • 1.5 teaspoons flax seeds
  • 1 tablespoon flax seeds
  • 24 drops of essential oil

How to make Flax Seed Hair Gel?

Add flax seed to a pot of water and boil it until it reaches the boiling point. Next let it to shimmer for another 10-15 minutes. Next put a cloth over the pot and pour the water out of the pot. Next squeeze the flax seed until you get the gel and store it in the refrigerator for 10 days.

Other than the hair gel for adults there are baby hair gel products as well. Its advised not to use any type of adult hair gel on your babies’ scalp. Therefore, always stick to specialized baby care hair gel.

They can stop hair shred and increase the thickness of hair. The best natural hair gel for babies is Aloe Vera hair gel as mentioned above. It is the safest hair gel that you can apply on your kids hair in order to improve hair growth and stop hair fall and bring harmony to the scalp.

It important to know that even though hair gel and hair fashion is essential it many have adverse effect in excessive usage. Therefore, always stick to natural hair gel or in other words homemade hair gel products.

This way you can protect your hair for a longer time than normal and prove the strength of your hair.

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