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Prolonged Pain After Tooth Extraction

Pain After Tooth Extraction

“Pain after tooth extraction” is not a feeling you do not like to even think about. You will feel some pain after the effect of anesthesia goes off. You will also experience some swelling near the jaw and little bleeding from the mount after about 24 hours. But severe pain and the bleeding should not exist after about 05 hours.

If the pain is still there after about 05 hours, you should immediately consult a dentist for further examination. We will provide some of the vital facts you need to focus on about the prolonged pain after tooth extraction.

Throbbing Pain After Tooth Extraction

This is also known as “alveolar osteitis.” This occurs mostly after wisdom tooth extraction. This happens mainly to patients with dry socket conditions. Dry socket is the situation where a blood clot fails to form in the tooth extraction area. These types of patients experience a throbbing pain, unpleasant taste and smell from the tooth extraction area.

Best dentist Kennewick WA provides treatments for these types of conditions with the use of modern technology. This throbbing pain will be there for about 04 days after the tooth is extracted, and if it is still there for more than 05 days, it is better to consult a dentist. The hot and cold compress of the area with pain can relieve the throbbing pain to a certain extent.

Pain for 05 Days After Tooth Extraction

This is somewhat a complicated condition. If you still feel the pain after 05 days of the tooth extraction, you need to consult a dentist. This can be the condition of prolonged pain after tooth extraction. This pain can be caused due to many reasons.

The reason for this type of condition can be an infection. If you have experienced an infection condition before tooth extraction, it will take some more time to get rid of the pain than the average time.

The normal healing process after a tooth extraction is about 02 – 03 days. The dentist will provide you with some antibiotics the treat the infection. A dentist normally believes that it will about 07-10 days for healing if you are suffering from an infection in the teeth.

Jaw Pain After 05 Months of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Normally jaw pain is there for about ten days after wisdom tooth extraction. People tend to remove their wisdom teeth due to the below reasons.

  • Swelling and pain
  • Damages to other teeth
  • Not enough space to grow
  • Signs of decay

Swelling of the tooth extraction area, swelling near the jaw area are some of the common issues people face after wisdom tooth extraction. Damages to the jawbone, nerves, and bacterial infection near the extraction site are some of the complicated rare conditions that can happen.

Your dentist will provide instructions on how to manage and get rid of the pain after the surgery. Having medicine, rinsing with saltwater, and avoiding smoking are some of them. So, it can take about 06 months for the wounded extraction site to be completely healed. However, if you develop continuous fever and difficulty swallowing, it is better to consult a dentist as soon as possible.

Nerve Pain After Tooth Extraction

Nerve pain can there for about 02 months after tooth extraction. There can be a possibility of nerve damage from tooth removal. This can happen both in normal and wisdom tooth removal. The condition of Trigeminal nerve damage caused by tooth extraction can cause pain in your mouth.

About 90% of these nerve damage conditions will take about 08 weeks to recover. Some of the symptoms of permanent nerve damage from tooth extraction are;

  • Impaired speech
  • Burning sensation in lips and chin
  • Electric shock sensation in lips and chin area

If you develop the above symptoms after tooth extraction, urgently consult a dentist as this can be a complicated condition. Following are some of the steps you can follow to get rid of nerve pain after tooth extraction

  • Brushing teeth with a soft brush
  • Rinsing with a fluoride mouthwash 
  • Using toothpaste recommended by a dentist

Persistent pain after tooth extraction

If you experience prolonged pain after tooth extraction due to whatever reason, you consult a dentist immediately. Dry socket, nerve damage, bacteria infection can be some of the common causes for this. On the other hand, you need to follow all the guidelines given by your dentist after the tooth extraction too to get rid of the pain quickly.

So, we have provided some of the vital information about prolonged pain after tooth extraction. As we know, there can be various reasons for this condition. So, it is better to allow the dentist to examine and evaluate the situation rather than making assumptions. After all, we all do these for a healthy lifestyle.

Eating and drinking carefully, taking medicine at the correct time, and keeping the extracted area clean are some of the practices we can follow to make the healing process faster. Therefore, be careful and act wisely according to the situation to be lead a healthy lifestyle.

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