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10 Tips To Eating Healthy During Pregnancy

Eating Healthy During Pregnancy
Eating Healthy During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when you not only eat for yourself but for your baby too. Therefore, it becomes vital for a mummy to be to eat healthily during pregnancy.

According to doctors, a woman shall start eating healthy, even before she conceives. This is true; if a woman is healthy, it would be easy for her to conceive and later deal with the pregnancy in an easier manner.

This article s for you if you are pregnant, and not sure what to eat and what not to and have questions such as

  • What should I do during pregnancy to have a healthy baby?
  • What is safe and not safe during pregnancy?
  • Which food is good for pregnancy?

Here we are going to share the top 10 tips to eating healthy during your pregnancy to keep yourself and the baby healthy and kicking.

Eat Well

The first rule of healthy eating or pregnancy diet is to eat well. Always focus on the quality of food rather than the quantity.

However, during your pregnancy, you are basically eating for two, so the quantity does matter, but it does not mean that you should solely focus on it, because a few extra calories per day is all you need.

What’s more important is picking the right food rich in all essential nutrients. You should eat more vegetables, pulses, and protein-rich food rather than opting for burgers and donuts.

Take Frequent Meals

This is important. During pregnancy, you should not fill your stomach all at one time or skip a meal. Rather, it is advisable to eat after intervals in small quantities. And remember, never miss breakfast.

The first trimester of pregnancy already comes with nausea and morning sickness, so if you eat a lot, you might end up vomiting. If you eat with small intervals, you will be able to maintain the sugar level, and it will also help you to avoid nausea.

Moreover, during the third trimester of your pregnancy, your baby takes a large space in your belly, which can decrease the amount of food you can eat before feeling full. Thus, a small meal after regular intervals will help you to get the nourishment you need without feeling uncomfortable.

Increase Fiber In Your Diet

It is very normal that a woman gets constipated during her pregnancy.  It is advised to eat foods that are high in fiber to avoid constipation and also keeps the digestive system healthy.

You should include whole-grain bread and cereal in your daily diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables and avoid white bread and processed foods.

Take Calcium

This ingredient is important for strong bones and teeth, and during pregnancy, you and your baby both need it.

According to research, if a pregnant woman does not include calcium in her diet, the baby will automatically start taking calcium from the bones of the mother. Later, this can turn into the serious weakness of the bones in mothers.

Calcium is available in dairy foods like milk, yogurt, and cheese. Other foods like broccoli, spinach, and almonds are also rich in calcium. A pregnant woman can also take a calcium tablet daily as prescribed by the doctor.

Eat Food With Folic Acid

Folic acid is one of the most important vitamins during pregnancy as it develops the brain and the spinal cord of your baby. Therefore, having enough folic acid is important from the very first days of pregnancy. 

Be sure to eat plenty of legumes (like black, pinto or garbanzo beans), green leafy vegetables, and citrus. Most cereals and grains are also a good source of folic acid. 

Eat Protein-Rich Food

Protein plays an important role in the development of the human body. It is the building block of cells, so its consumption is important during pregnancy for your baby’s growth as well as your health.  

You can obtain proteins by eating lean meats, like chicken, breast, and fish. You also get protein in eggs, nuts, and seeds. 

Eat Food Rich In Iron

The amount of blood in the body of a pregnant woman increases by about 50%, and iron plays a prominent role in producing blood. Iron-rich foods are vital during pregnancy as a woman also needs a high level of blood in her body for the Labor day absence of which can cause serious issues.

Iron is abundant in lean meat, such as red meat. Iron is also present in legumes and dark green leafy vegetables like spinach. Eating a good source of vitamin C (like oranges) with these foods will help the iron to be absorbed better. You can also take iron supplements as prescribed by your doctor.

Stay Away From Pre-Packaged Food

The pre-packaged foods tend to be higher in unhealthy fats, calories, carbs, and sugars. Moreover, frequently eating from outside is not advised.  

You should take out time to make healthy pregnancy meals at home with fresh ingredients and add fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Avoid Fried and Fast Food

We know you love to eat fried food. It tastes good, but during pregnancy, eating junk food like burgers and pizzas frequently is highly discouraged. Such food swill only let you gain more bodyweight, which is not healthy. 

However, you can eat your favorite burger or pizza once in a month to relieve your pregnancy cravings.

Do Not Drink Or Smoke

What to do when you find out you are pregnant? This is the most important rule for pregnancy. Drinking and smoking are highly discouraged during pregnancy; otherwise, it will badly impact your baby’s health and may also source complications.

Instead, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and consume lots of fresh fruit juices.


It is vital to take care of your diet when you are pregnant. The quality of diet not only aids in the health of the mother but also nourishes the baby.

With our tips for a healthy pregnancy, we are sure that you now know what to eat during pregnancy and what not to. Here is read more vegetables high in iron foods articles.

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