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Tooth Pains and How to Stop tooth Pain Fast at Home

How to stop tooth pain fast
Tooth Pains

There could be many reasons for a tooth pain to occur. It is mainly caused when the nerves of the root of a tooth experience irritation which may result in tooth pain. Mainly there are few types of tooth ache that occur due to conditions such as decay of tooth over a period of time, bad food habits and bacterial infections, Injury to a tooth or ever they may occur when a tooth is pulled out. However, problems related to the gum may not cause any tooth pain.

How tooth pain occurs?

Within a tooth there is something know as pulp which contains many nerve endings which are highly sensitive for tooth nerve pain. Therefore, swelling of the pulp may cause tooth pains. Later on the pain will spread to the jaws, ear and the cheeks.

Bacterial Infected tooth pain

When it comes to practicing bad food habits it is when the bacterial infections spread inside your mouth which will result in tooth pains. Bacterial tooth pain may occur when we eat food with sugar where bacterial enzymes will produce acids that may destroy the tooth enamel.

With time to come if you keep on practicing this bad habit this may cause the enamel to break. Once the enamel beaks it may result in creating a tooth cavity.

It is advisedto at least to brush your teeth twice a day in order to improve your oral health but failing to do this will slowly decay your teeth over a time period and cause pain in your teeth when the nerves of teeth get affected by tooth decay.

Wisdom tooth pain

Wisdom teeth are the last adult teeth we get which use to grow at the very back of our mouth. Wisdom tooth pain may cause due to a condition called impacted wisdom tooth. This is where the tooth will decay over the time and get infected from bacterial infections. Dentist suggest people to pull out the wisdom teeth before even they get infected. This is due to the inability to clean them easily.

Apart from that there may be other conditions where there will be no space for the wisdom teeth to come. If there is no space for the wisdom tooth to perfectly align with the teeth the they might get trapped.  Due to this reason it may cause wisdom tooth pain.

Genetic Tooth pain

There may be conditions where an individual may eat a lot of food containing sugar and there will be others who will not have any cavities present, but there may be other people who has very sensitive teeth which can easy get tooth decay.

This condition may be mostly due to genetic factors. Even though studies are carried out to find the relationship between tooth pain and genetics its quite clear that it may cause pain in your teeth.

Tooth pain after filling

Filling a tooth may cause pain. Tooth pain after filling the cavity is not something unusual. This may occur due to few different reasons.

  • IF the filling is not fitted well to the cavity or if it develops a crack then it may cause pain.
  • Consuming hot and cool food right after filling the tooth will also lead to too pain.
  • Once the tooth is filled some may develop allergies condition due to silver which is used in filling tooth cavity.

There are many ways that we could use home remedies for tooth pain.

  1. Rinse mouth with warm water and salt: This is a quick remedy for any tooth pains. Dentists often suggest to use this as a quick remedy before appointment and it has the ability to get over tooth pain.
  2. Applyice: This is also another instant solution for tooth pain. Once you get the pain get a pack of ice and hold it against the cheek that you get the tooth pain. This will provide you with a quick tooth pain relief before you go to the dentist.
  3. Apply Clove: This is the best way to get over tooth pain naturally. Anesthetic properties of clove may help to make the pain numbed.
  4. Use onions: phytochemicals that target the germs are available in onions which will help the teeth to stop bacterial activities which may later lead to tooth decay.
  5. Tea bags: It’s just the tea bags that we have to use instead of using tea. First take the tea bag and put t over the area where you have the pain. Anti-inflammatory properties such as tannic acid found in tea will help reduce tooth pain.
  6. Peppermint: It is highly rich in anti-bacterial properties to get over bacterial infections as well as anesthetic properties to get over pain in the tooth. More than the other natural remedies peppermint has its own natural aroma present in it. You could take few leaves and put them in the area which cause pain.
  7. Vanila Extractions: Antioxidants are high in vanilla extractions. Therefore, it has the ability to numb the gum around the affected areas. Apply the vanilla sense over the area where you got the tooth ache to have quick relief.
  8. Guava leaves: These leaves are said to be great relieves. anti-spasm properties and antibacterial properties in them will help reduce the pains. You will have to chew them in order to have better results.
  9. Baking Soda paste: You can add a bit of tooth paste and mix it with baking soda and apply it directly on the affected areas. This will help ease the pain within a short time period.

How to stop tooth pain at home?

The best way to get over tooth pain is brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Its best if you could do it at night before you go to bed and in the morning before you get ready for your daily routine. The other way is to avoid eating to many foods that contain sugar. By following these simple methods, you will be able to maintain good oral health.

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