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Know these secret facts in types of clams, packaging and sweet recipes

Types of Clams, Clamshell Packaging and Sweet Recipes
Types Of Clams.

Are you also a craziest seafood lover? Do you willing to eat a huge portion once have a chance? If so, engage with us until the end of the writing. Probably, the prawns, cuddle fish and the and clams are the most demanded seafood items we can taste in the restaurants. But, these are not abundant. Especially, the clams are the most demanded seafood choice among all these. It is also known as the bivalves molluscs. Actually, this is a commonly used name for a number of species we can found in the coastal areas.

Basically, they spend their life over the sand. The strong outer shell is supporting them to protect from enemies and the harmful barriers. The basic structure of clams is the shell and muscles probably helping to adduct the two shells covering them. Furher, people used to prepare sweety tasted seafood dishes by adding various flavours with clams.

You will amaze after seen these types of clams…

Primarily, more than seven types of clams are there. Those are known as the Manila and Ocean quahogs or Arctica Islandica who is abundantly growing in the West coast of North America and also the Razor clams, Skimmers, Donax, hard shell and soft shell clams or mya Arenaria.

The hard shells can further be identified as a few other varieties. Clam chowder and littleneck clams are the most common types among them. They used for yummy food menus all over the world. However, once you visit east costs of Atlantic ocean, do not forget to taste a soup made by using these fresh clams. But, if you prefer to have other variety known as middle necks raw on the half shell or else butter dipped steamed clams are the tastiest way to eat.

3 most common clamshell packaging for shipment

All most all the clams are available in a few specific regions in the world. So, the superstar hotels situating in other countries probably ordering these through shipments. Hence, the producers have to follow specific packing strategies to send them by saving their freshness over the sea. Often, all of these recipients do not willing to discard any clams after arriving the parcel. So, here are the three best packing methods available in the world to send the quality sample of clams for a yummy taste.

  • plastic clamshell packages

The clear and blistered packs which are made using the quality plastic stuff is one of the best-preferred methods.

  • Trays to pack clams

 The stuffs using to make these trays may vary accordingly.

  • Custom designs in accordance with the preferred shape to stock clamshells

Prepare your taste buds for a better taste with clams recipes!

Once, the tasty sample of clams are in your hands, you have to prepare those to decorate your dining table. So, we thought to offer one of an tasty recipe idea to please your taste buds with clams.

  • A novel way to taste clams – Spicy white wine streamed!

This recipe has given a new definition to the traditional recipe of steamed clams. Now you can prepare a more spicy dish of clams with red pepper flakes and wine. If you add garlic it will double the taste.

First of all, collect all the items into one place including above mentioned three and the olive oil, parsley and tomato source. If you are really struggling to find wine, you can use clams juice by replacing it.

Now, keep a pan with olive oil under the medium heat and add all the above ingredients other than the clams. After about fifteen minutes, you can collect the clams as well. Now, arrange a dish to pour this mixture once it boiled for about 15 minutes more. Yes! It is ready!

But, in the end, I have to note down some specific thing for your health. Do you know people used to have these in its raw form? However, once a person has eaten raw clams, it can cause allergic reactions. So, better to avoid that practice.

Where to fly to see a clams library?

Once we heard this name, we often dream to see a library filled with books written on clams. Sometimes, we waiting to see thousands of shells inside it with a detailed guide of each. But, this is not so.

The word “CLAMS” represent the meaning Cape Libraries Automated Material Sharing. So, do not visit here to have a few tasty recipes or packages to take home.

The last lines

Clams are a yummy seafood item. A variety of species are there to prepare in varying ways to generate the dining tables in the superclass hotels. So, most of the countries who have an excellent trend in tourism, ordering these from the producers. Hence, they use varying packing methods to arrange the order for shipment. So, it protects the freshness of clams until it receives by the recipient. Further, the clamps library is not something related to kinds of seafood. It has another meaning. However, at the end of the writing, we invite you to prepare a yummy dish of clams with seafood craving friends. Definitely, it will please you all!

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