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What Does “True Love” Really Mean

What Does True Love
True Love

Love, the topic we all love to talk about. For many of us, it is the purpose of living, and so we strive to find true love in our lives. The most important natural process for our emotional and spiritual growth is true love. It has healing powers and helps a person feel like he is on top of the world. 

But the question is what true love really means? Have you ever given attention to this thought?

If not, how about now?

What is True Love?

Primarily true love refers to the unbreakable bond of devotion and liking that a person feels for his/her partner. It is also defined as a secure emotional and physical connection between two people. This connection has no measure, and it runs deep into a person’s soul. The idea of living without his or her loved one will seem unimaginable if true love exists between two people.

However, our question, what does “True Love” really mean, can be only be explained through examples.

So, what is true love? The best example of true love is the bond that exists between a couple that has been married for over 40 years. Their relationship resolves around selflessness, compromise, and gratitude.

The whole idea of it being “true” revolves around it being unconditional. Love does not rely on expectations or the purpose of give and take.   

Let’s dig deep into true love;

What Are The Signs Of True Love?

How will you know if a guy loves you? Is jealousy a sign of love? Well, there is a common saying that actions speak louder than words. If you genuinely love your partner, your relationship will be a mixture of mutual care, respect, admiration. It will be free from any form of humiliation or any abuse.

Many people try to chase or desire true love, but like a flower, it needs to bloom. The ones who find it are rewarded with eternal happiness.

Following are the signs that confirm a relationship is based on true love:

  • There is no give and take in the relationship. You give it your all without expecting anything in return.
  • You live through your better half and feel eternal peace. Just looking at them turns your lousy day into a meaningful one.
  • You don’t feel angry if your love hurts you in any way, but you can’t stay upset with them for a long time as that ends up hurting you more.
  • You feel a love as great as which can move mountains for your partner and go to great lengths to please them.
  • You start imagining your future with your partner. Life without him/her seems incomplete.

What Are The Qualities Of True Love?

What does true love feel like? Everyone has different definitions of the word “true love.” All around the world, some concepts and ideas revolve around it existing in fairytales or Shakespeare’s novels and sonnets. Some people believe that it doesn’t exist at all. Love is a feeling derived directly from what we are and what we have to offer the world.

Some qualities of true love are:

  • The relationship is based on mutual respect. There is no crossing the line, and boundaries of respect are kept intact. 
  • In the most ordinary situations, we find moments of pure joy and happiness. Just being with that particular person is enough to lift one’s spirits. 
  • Accepting the other person for who he is. Ignoring his flaws and appreciating his positive qualities. 
  • Mutual trust is an essential component of true love. It is needless to say that we should trust the person blindly whom we are in love with. Loyalty always brings stability in a relationship and helps increase the levels of intimacy.

What Is Important For True Love To Exist?

Important For True Love To Exist
Important For True Love To Exist

Many people are disappointed when their picture-perfect idea of true love comes crashing down. You might go through a series of failed relationships in your life, thinking that one of them might have been the one.

If you are trying to understand the meaning of true love, you need to figure out what this feeling requires from you to deepen it and result in a meaningful relationship. 

Research has proven that the emotional connection between two people is an essential component for it to exist. Your partner should always be available for you; otherwise, what good is Hercules for you if he can’t rescue you from a villain? You need to be emotionally and mentally engaged with your partner to keep your love boat afloat.    

What Makes A Person Deeply Fall In Love?

The answer comes down to the connection a man shares with his woman. When you feel that you are letting the walls around you fall, that is a clear indication you are falling for that person. Humans are social beings, and the center of all their relationships are based on a good connection.

The game is all about feelings. If a woman surrounds her man with warmth and affection, she will secure him forever. Constant fights and quarrels only create a decline in the quality of a good relationship.  A man mostly falls in love with a woman who is passionate about living her life to the fullest while achieving all her goals. The man starts to see the purpose of his existence, and the partner helps him envision his life with her. 


So, now you know what is real love. Although it sounds like a cliché, to love someone else truly, you need first to love yourself. Having your life on track is self-pleasing and an attractive quality for your partner. True love is a feeling that doesn’t need an elaborate paragraph to be described; it needs to be felt. If you do love someone, make sure that you not only say it but also mean it. This can be done through your actions.

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